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My name is Harry O. Walker. I'm a high school Economics teacher by profession and a tinkerer for fun. A few months ago a student of mine was thinking of attending college but couldn't afford moving away from home. He had been accepted to Florida State and had qualified academically for a tuition scholarship and asked if I knew how he could swing it. I looked at my own time at FSU and remembered that my sophomore year I lived in an RV park near Capital Circle and it was inexpensive. He looked into buying a camper but his folks thought that it might be too flimsy. That's when I started looking at the internet. I came across Jay Shraders Tumbleweed houses and was impressed, but his location put north Florida out of reach. I then saw an article about a young undergraduate at Yale who built her own tiny house with the budget her student loan allowed. That's all it took.

I built sailboats in my early twenties and a few power skiffs in the last few years. I knew I had the skills but which design was worth the trouble and could I improve upon their designs was the problem. The result is my C.O.Z.I. Cottage. Instead of converting a car hauler which uses angled steel I had a custom tube steel trailer made that would accommodate a wider rig to allow for a full size 40” shower, regular not rv water closet, and a vanity within the bathroom. The kitchen area is also wider than most on the market today. This trailer also allowed me to start my walls lower to the ground, therefore providing a full 7'2" of headroom. I also went with expanded foam insulation in the walls, ceiling and undercarriage. Top of the line appliances (see inventory) and tankless water heating. Coupled with a price that can't be believed, I am proud of what my company is able to provide. Take a look around the site. I think you'll like what you see.

Harry O.

p.s. I'm new to marketing myself so a picture will have to wait.